I moved here recently, and have had excellent chiropractic care for years in the San Francisco area.  I began having back pain a few days ago, and was hesitant about finding someone new.  I had met Dr Dave at the Farmer’s Market briefly and kept his card…and so I came in to his office (on a Sunday!) today for the first time.  He listened to my history and concerns, and spent over an hour with my evaluation, exam, adjustments and treatment.  His price was very reasonable, and I found him to be  professional, caring and thorough. I recommend him highly !  You will not be disappointed.  – Kathy B. 1/6/2013

I’ve been a patient for 2 years.  Since I’ve been under Dr.  Dave’s care, I don’t get sick as often and my lower back has been pain free. I have also noticed increased flexibility which means golf has been more enjoyable.  I recommend without reservations.  – Benedict Y. 10/26/2011

Dr. Dave is awesome, caring and an excellent chiropractor.  I have been going to chiropractors since childhood and now my sons and I visit Dr. Dave on a regular basis.  I have been to chiropractors who are not good at what they do, Dr. Dave is the opposite o f that! He is extremely good at what he does and I’d recommend him to anyone. – Jessica W. 12/6/2012

I met Dr. Dave at the Farmers Market, he was professional and very helpful.  After having two kids my back pain was becoming unbearable.  After only two adjustments my ability to sleep at night and function better during the day increased drastically.  It is always a joy to go see Dr. Dave & I’m very grateful for the service & care he provides. – Danielle E. 10/23/2012

My fitness trainer told me about Dr. Dave. The adjustment was probably the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve been going to chiros for decades)!  He spends more time with you than the standard chiropractor, and he’s genuinely interested in your spine and its symptoms. Not every doctor has the energy of a healer, but this doctor is the real-deal. Highly recommended. – Dane F. 11/7/2012

I went and saw Dr. Dave for the first time after being recommended by a friend, and was very impressed. He is very explanatory, informative, and professional and I am feeling a positive difference already. He really took the time to explain every question I had, without hesitation, so that I could better understand why he was doing specific treatments and what irregularities he recognized in my back. I am so looking forward to continuing to improve my spinal health, since back pain is no fun. – Liz W. 10/31/2012

Dr. Packard was suggested to me by my neighbor, because I could barely walk up right. I was very nervous to see him, because I was in severe pain and had been for months. He is the BEST, BEST, BEST, BEST!!! He is very kind, personable and really put me at ease. He also really helped me understand exactly, where my pain was coming from and why and adjusted me into proper alignment. I am now much more mobile and living in much less pain. I have had 3 adjustments so far, and the progress is monumental. I had tried everything else for relief like acupuncture, massage, pain killers, but Dr. Packard has easily been been the most effective course of treatment. Adjustments are not an overnight fix, and to really get healed I would suggest a few visits. Thank goodness for my neighbor and Dr. Packard! – Diana V. 12/4/2013

After weeks of a stiff neck, i am soooooo Thankful to have been treated by Dr. Packard.   Had been receiving acupuncture treatments & massage BUT that just wasn’t enough.   What a difference an “adjustment” makes 🙂 !!  From my Horseback Riding to Kayaking –  Dr. David’s Packard healing touch made these Outdoor activities enjoyable again 🙂 – Debra Lynn L. 5/6/2014

Dr. Dave is simply the most compassionate and gifted Chiropractor in the area!

Being relatively new to the area and interviewing two other Doc’s…I found my hero!  Dr. D. is not the typical Chiropractor, he does an extensive intake and involves you in the healing process and by NO measure uses  the old “you must have a treatment package of 175 visits” in order to get better…NOPE, Dr. Dave is better than that junk.  He knows that each person must be treated as an individual and that every treatment plan will be different and every budget is different. He makes care affordable and manageable!  I have some extensive health issues and Dr. Dave patiently listens to my  20 questions and explains in detail what he is doing and why.  I always believed in natural healing, which is the essence of chiropractic care.  I am grateful to have found such an honest, caring and intelligent Dr. who grasps the concept of natural drug-free wellness.  He is a blessing!! – Angel V. 5/29/2013

Let me say I am not a fan of chiropractic BUT Dr. Packard is awesome!  Totally helping me recover from a car accident.  Truly i am the mist unbiased review you will read.  I have a medical degree and would recommend hime highly! – Melissa 10/1/2015

I’m new to the area and Dr. Dave is located very close to me. When my lower back went out, I immediately called him and he was able to see me the same day. The sacrum is a particularly hard spot to adjust, but Dr. Dave got it on the first try!

I loved that he took a moment to explain everything he was going to do so I wasn’t surprised. He even set me up ice and muscle stim afterward for no extra charge. His fee was perfectly in-line with other chiropractors and his demeanor is so caring. I was also appreciative that he didn’t try to upsell me on a package or vitamins or any other junk. 

I’m so thankful to have found a chiropractor nearby that I actually like! – LaDonna 10/26/2014

I went in to see Doctor Packard as someone who knew absolutely nothing about chiropractic adjustments. I was struggling with adrenal fatigue and was told that I needed to get adjusted every week. I was really nervous going in, but Dr. Packard was great! He took the time to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. He understood how the adjustments would help my problem and checks up on how I am doing every week when I go in. Dr. Packard is kind and knowledgeable. Believe it or not, I actually look forward to my weekly appointments. He has helped me heal- I feel better after ever session. – Jordan S. 3/2/2016

Somehow I popped one of my ribs out of place and Dr. Dave popped that rib right back into place!  He knew exactly what to do and his confidence, skill and friendly manner, put me right at ease.

I immediately felt better and am looking forward to my follow up visit this week.  Definitely knows what he is doing and I’m so happy to have found him!!! – Aurora H. 6/28/2016

Dave fixed my lower back in one visit basically, I following his advice with ice and rest.. but he did an awesome job.

We discussed all aspects of my injury before just adjusting my bones, it was a consultation then treatment which is rare these days… this guy knows whats up.

Anyone in the Hollywood Beach or Shores needs to check him out. – Ben G. 6/27/2016

There are many things I like about this office the first and foremost is that DR Dave Packard is so nice and caring.
I brought my mother here; she has been in pain since a fall 2 years ago, We met Dr Dave Packard at the Farmer’s market about 1 year ago and Mom finally agreed to give it a try last week. She hates going to doctors; she does not like talking about her problems or her pain. She does not think highly  of chiropractors in general. He was so sweet and understanding with her; he won her over almost immediately. It was just him in the office so none of this telling your story to a receptionist first (which I can’t stand!) He seemed to have all the time in the world for her. She felt better the next day. Her pain is decreased significantly and she is able to stand and walk for longer and more comfortably. She will go back next week. Also a plus is medicare is going to cover the visit.
This is. a nice quiet location with plenty of free, easy parking. – Kristi N. 6/2/2016

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Dave!

My husband and I went away over the weekend and after a few nights in a bed that I’m not used to, I started getting mid-back spasms. By the time we got home from vacation I could barely get out of bed without yelling out in pain.

One visit to Dr. Dave and I felt 100 times better. I was able to continue work for the rest of the day and my mobility was nearly back to normal! Seriously astonishing for how much pain I was in earlier that morning.

I also started getting migraines about 3 months ago and after the first visit they started getting better. 4 visits later and I haven’t had a migraine now in about a month.

Every time I have an issue he gets me in right away and I feel better immediately.  Thanks Dr. Dave, you’re the BEST!! – Antoinette A. 7/5/2017