Hello and welcome to the new Anacapa Chiropractic

by | Feb 22, 2015 | Oxnard Chiropractor

Hello and welcome to the new Anacapa Chiropractic blog page. I am Dr. Dave Packard and I am honored to be responsible for the health and wellness of those that put their confidence in my hands as a chiropractor in Oxnard. My Idea of health care has change since I learned how the body heals and maintains health. I no longer try to cover or numb symptoms. I identify and remove the cause of the pain, thereby optimizing the bodies ability to heal itself as efficiently as possible and feel good all the time.

I’ve found that back pain, neck pain, and headaches never happen without a reason. That reason could be from an obvious traumatic event, or from something you would not expect. A perfect example is a strong man moving his couch away from the wall, something he has done hundreds of times without incident, suddenly caused muscle spasms and severe low back pain. Moving the couch may have been the last straw that provoked the injury, but the cause of the injury may be dehydration, poor posture, a weak core, a pinched nerve in the spine, or a combination of these things.

In my experience, preventing pain is better than dealing with pain. If you can start your day with two glasses of water, ten minutes of core strengthening exercise and stretching, and a clean nutritious breakfast, you will set yourself up for a successful and healthy day.